Candlelight Ridge

Tucked away in the mountains of Chickamauga, a gem is having the final touches of its construction completed, and is awaiting the beginning of a stunning spring wedding season!

Scenic Event Solutions has done several events over at Cloudland Station (we have another virtual tour of their other spaces) and love the area, but I was unaware of the newest venue addition until one day a good friend of ours from back in the day, Mariel, reached out to us to let us know about the space! I absolutely wanted to come and check out the space and do a tour here!

Candlelight Ridge is a unique space with it’s natural wood elements, tucked away in the woods, but the canopy space above it almost provides a camping element. But much fancier. GLAMPING, if you will. The twinkling of bistro lights make you feel as if you’re under the stars, even if you are under the canopy hidden from the elements. I was a little disheartened by the fact that the day we scheduled to tour was such a rainy day, I really wanted to show off the views of the mountains that surrounded the ridge, particularly High Point, but being the optimists we are, we think its alright to show off a venue in the rain, because there will always be rainy weddings no matter where you are, but just because it’s rainy on your wedding day does NOT mean you won’t have an incredible day, and the venue looks just as beautiful even on rainy days!

Candlelight Ridge can comfortably fit 150 people, 200 if need be. The open floor plan makes things much easier to spread out. The venue provides all the tables and chairs you would need, and the farmhouse tables are actually crafted on site on Cloudland Station! The kitchen is full services and huge, and smells like cedar (That new building smell! Mmmmmm) so I think the Scenic Catering crew is definitely excited to work in there!

One of the places where we didn’t get to go see inside of, but the pictures I have seen so far of it are beautiful, is the onsite cottage. They were wrapping up construction and putting the final details on the inside, so we didn’t want to go in and bother them. The cottage in the woods definitely adds an element of a fairytale, and will be the perfect place for the bridal party to get ready from, and even make the grand entrances for the ceremony!

I would say that this venue is perfect for the outdoorsy couple to get married in, without having a traditional barn or rustic wedding. It made me feel like I was camping in the most glamorous way possible, and I know a TON of brides and grooms that would be a perfect match for this type of venue! Mariel told us that they were offering special booking pricing while they are still wrapping up construction….if I were a cool outdoorsy bride who wanted a wedding like NO ONE ELSE in Chattanooga, I would DEFINITELY get on this deal!

To see more of what they have going on at Candlelight Ridge, and why they are without a doubt on the Scenic Event Solutions Approved list of venues, check them out at

Phone: (901)-828-2027

***All of the photos you see on this post are from Candlelight Ridge’s Facebook Page, we do not own the rights to any of their stunning photos***