The Views at Sunset Ridge

Nestled on top of the Red Clay Ridge in Cleveland, Tennessee is a genuine jewel. The Views at Sunset Ridge is a massive 3-Story Venue with incredible views of the surrounding mountains!

The first time we were at the Views at Sunset Ridge was a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon; we Scenic Event Solutions was invited to be a part of their open house and showing off the local vendors. I had seen the pictures on Facebook, and thought “Oh cool, another venue is opening up.” But as I was pulling up, MY WORD I WAS SPEECHLESS! Even in the rain the venue stood like a giant crown upon the head of the ridge. I could not believe how massive this space was! It’s a strange combination; it is a castle, a barn, a cabin, and an industrial venue all at once, and in a way that is pulled together in such an elegant matter

When we came again for our virtual tour, we were greeted by that same jewel of a building and several of the property kitties sunbathing near the entrance, despite the fact that the wind was biting and chilly on this January evening. The cats were sweet and affectionate, but we were assured that they do not get into the venue, they get put up on events to not chance one of them sneaking in when hundreds of people are going in and out of the doors on a wedding day! Walking into the grand entryway we walk into the the great Row Hall and see just how massive the space is on the inside. We meet with one of the owners, Michael, and we chat a bit as he shows us a bit of the space that we hadn’t seen since our last visits, so we could get everything on point for the virtual tour. We were told that the building was originally built to be a family home for a wealthy man and his family…where each floor in the house was a suite, and then there would be a giant common room for everyone to get together. Can you imagine building this as your home?? Michael and his family bought the building and the 200 acres of property it sits on and turned it into a dream!! The Row Hall and the floors upward and to the left of the building are all parts of the venue to utilize for an event, and then the space on the right side of the building has been closed off and converted into a home for the family that makes the venue run, so they are always on standby.

The massive Row Hall is an ideal space for both your ceremony and reception, with your dinner and cocktail hour being served on the upper 2 levels while the space below is being transformed in the Famous Flip (seriously though, do not underestimate the power of a well-organized Room Flip. You get more bang for your space and I am always amazed by what can be accomplished in transforming a space from a ceremony sanctuary into a celebration station in the span of cocktail hour or dinner!) The owners Ashley and Leslie were telling us that Row Hall can be decked out to their clients taste, with drapery, cafe lights, and column lights to make the space special for each bride and groom.

The Second Floor contains the kitchen (don’t worry Caterers, there is a Service Elevator that you can use to lug equipment up the floors) and an open elegant space that is perfect for rehearsals, cocktail hours, or just hanging out, and includes balconies to check out the views. At the end of the 2nd floor there is a huge bridal suite with a full bathroom, king size bed, and a wall full of vanities for everyone to get ready for their big day in style. There is also a groom’s quarters on the first floor off of Row Hall, equipped with a bar, couches, TV, video games, and is the ultimate space for a groom and his dudes to get ready for his big day.

Go up one more story, to the top floor Loft, and you are surrounded by 360 degrees of windows with the most AMAZING views in the region. Leslie tells us that you can see 5 states from The Loft, and views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Signal and Lookout Mountains, the Cumberland Plateau and The Great Smoky Mountains. This space certainly can be utilized for a stunning ceremony site, and has the perfect setup for serving dinner and cocktails for larger parties while the aforementioned flip is going on downstairs. As the sun goes down, The Loft has this stunning pinkish glow about it, and just makes the 4,000 square foot space so cozy and intimate.

Another fun little part of the venue, that we didn’t even know about until after we got done with the virtual tour, was the little farm out back. If there are a bunch of kids that need something fun to do, or if you just want to take pictures with baby goats and lambs on your big day (uh, DUH!!) they have such a darling little menagerie, with mini pigs, sheep and lambs, mini goats, peacocks, and a micro-mini cow (apparently that is a thing, and it’s really adorable!) If you decide that you would like a portrait taken with one of the animals on your big day let the owners know, they will make sure that you have a baby goat or lamb or piggie that has been given a bath and looks picture perfect!

Like I’ve been saying, these spaces cannot be taken at full value from the pictures that you see online, or from our blog posts, or even our Virtual Venue Tours. A space like this has to be seen in person to be completely appreciated. The Owners, Michael and Leslie and Ashley, are all such wonderful people, and we love getting to work with them. They work very hard to make your big day so special, and the work shows in the product of their venue!

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Phone Number: (423) 458-7827

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