The Turnbull Building

We are history buffs at Scenic Event Solutions; anything with a history is fascinating to us. Chattanooga is full of amazing history, so it would make sense that a couple of venues that we come across are not only beautiful, but have a story! The Turnbull Building is a prime example, and was where we started our series of Virtual Venue Tours!

Before we did this Virtual tour we actually worked a couple of events at the Turnbull, so we were familiar with the layout of the building. We were so mesmerized the first time we were there doing a venue walkthrough for an upcoming wedding that we came home and immediately did a little research! We found that the Turnbull Building was actually built in 1925 and was home to the Turnbull Cone &  Machine Company (which made ice cream cones and popularized the tasty treat around the nation, making it a household staple) until they moved locations in 1985! So, how SWEET is it to get married in a place that made the world a sweeter place??

The 10,000 square foot venue consists of 3 portions: the lower level (that hosts the main office and storage), the 3rd floor, and the 4th floor. I believe the manager Elan told me they were thinking about making the 2nd floor office space or something apart from the venue, I’m not sure (that would be a cool office for wedding vendors to have space though!). The spaces are very versatile, and can hold upwards of 300 people! Don’t worry, vendors with heavy equipment, and brides who will need or have someone attending their wedding who will need handicap access, there is elevator access for all of the floors.

The 3rd floor is home to the bathrooms, the prep kitchen, and a large space perfect for cocktail hour. The times we have worked events there, the 3rd floor was utilized as the space in between ceremony and reception where guests could hang out and munch on some charcuterie boards and sip some wine and listen to music and chill in a large lovely industrial space, and the coordinators and vendors would be upstairs transforming the space from ceremony sanctuary into a stunning reception hall… Seriously though. Venue flips are no joke, and when they’re executed properly, make magic happen for a wedding!!

The 4th floor is the statement of the building, seriously. the space has all of those amazing clerestory windows with an incredible view of Chattanooga, the Southside part of Downtown, and Lookout Mountain. The cool thing about this portion of the space is that not only is it versatile for any style of event, but as the sun goes down and the lighting changes in the 4th floor, it almost seems to become a different venue entirely. It is definitely worth it to go and check out their social media, see the cool things they are doing, but more importantly, you need to go and see this space for yourself. As with all of the venues that we tour, pictures and videos and blog posts don’t really do it justice, it has to be experienced first-hand. The manager, Elan, and her team are such a pleasure to work with, and want to make your big day a dream come true!

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Phone: (423) 322-0064

***All of the photos you see on this post are from The Turnbull’s Facebook Page, we do not own the rights to any of their stunning photos***