Our Amazing Team

We would not be anywhere without our amazing team, stepping up to the plate to do some hard but fun work! 


Logan Franklin

Co-Owner, DJ

Meet Logan Kenzie, the Co Owner of Scenic Event Solutions! He takes his knowledge of Live Sound and experience in Audio Production to create an amazing experience as one of our wedding and event DJ!

Fun Fact: Logan is the King of Dad Jokes!

deanna_1_original (1).jpg

DeAnna Franklin

Co-Owner, Hair and Makeup, Catering, Photo Booth

Meet our other Co Owner, DeAnna Franklin! She uses her hands-on Jack of All Trades attitude and love of everything creative to operate our Catering and Hair and Makeup Services, but can also often be found being silly in the Photo Booth!

Fun Fact: DeAnna is obsessed with Knitting!


James Colvard

DJ, Videography

Meet James Tiberius Colvard, the Tech Guy of the group. James has such a keen eye for technology and is so creative, along with his years of experience in audio and film production, he makes an Amazing DJ and a Killer Videographer!

Fun Fact: James can eat 7 Warheads Candies at once!


Cody Harris

DJ, Photo Booth

Meet Cody Harris, another of our Multi-Talented team members! Cody uses his musical talents and performance skills to kill it as a DJ, and a Photo Booth Tech!

Fun Fact: Cody is a Talented Musician, and you can check out his work on the stage at Cody James Harris! Comment your favorite musician that you've seen live below!


Faith Franklin

Catering, Photo Booth

Meet Faith Alexandra, one of our super talented team members! Faith uses her talents to create amazing food for Catering, and can get down with the Photo Booth!

Fun Fact: Faith is the Green Thumb of the Group, grows an AMAZING garden every year, and has been the brains behind our recycling!


Cassie Kyle

Hair and Makeup, Catering, Photo Booth

Meet Cassie Kyle, one of our bubbly team members, who uses her many talents to create beautiful looks for brides with our Hair and Makeup, and amazing food for our Catering!

Fun Fact: Cassie is Bi-Lingual, and helps us with our Spanish Clientele!


Ethan Hardison


Meet Ethan Hardison, one of our newest members! Ethan is hard working and puts his talents to work anywhere he is needed!

Fun Fact: Ethan and Logan became friends from playing in a band together almost 6 years ago!


Bettina Dover

Hair and Makeup, Catering

Meet Bettina Dover, one of our Jack of All Trades-talented team members. She lends a skilled hand in Hair and Makeup and Catering!

Fun Fact: Bettina is #7 of 9 children!


El Taylor

Catering, Photo Booth

Meet Elise Taylor, one of our newest team members! Elise has been killing it with our Catering services, and her next-level attitude is going to take all of our services to the next level!

Fun Fact: Elise is a Hula Hooper!