Setting the Mood.

From the simplest chapel ceremony to the glitziest gala, adding lights to your event will make it a time to remember! Need a wash of color to give your modest affair something special? We can arrange that. Do you desire your event to be so illuminated that it can be seen from space? We can do that, too!


What You Get

The lighting package you book is for a maximum of 6 hours (setup and breakdown times are not included) and We set up your lights to optimally light up your space! Dance floor lights are included with our DJ Services.

***NOTE: if your venue is indoors and there are a lot of windows, please check the sunset time for your event date and coordinate from there. If it is still too bright out, your lights won't look their best, and we don't want our clients to feel like they wasted money!



  • Uplighting (Per par can, minimum 8 required) $25


We are proud to say that our lighting services have been sponsored by JMAZ Lighting in Sunny California! JMAZ has allowed us to bring you Premium Lights that take any ordinary event or space and turn it into something extraordinary! 

 Click to be taken to jmaz

Click to be taken to jmaz