Every event needs the perfect soundtrack.

Before we became Scenic Event Solutions, we were simply Scenic Sound Solutions; just an Audio Engineer offering DJ Services to the Chattanooga area. From there, Scenic Sound Solutions started offering more and more services, eventually branching out into Scenic Event Solutions, but our Number One service is still our DJ Setup!  From the songs that tug at your heartstrings, to the songs that make you want to get on the floor and dance, we have a vast collection of music, guaranteeing the right playlist for your event.

What You Get

At Scenic Event Solutions, we have the right system for every aspect of your special day. Each system comes with two professional grade speakers, wireless microphones, and completely customized playlists, providing a high quality and meaningful soundtrack for your event. We include lights for the dance floor, and our team of DJ's are professional and lively, and can draw even the shyest of your guests to the dance floor!



  • DJ (Ceremony and Reception) $999

  • DJ (Reception Only, Non-Wedding Events) $849