5 THINGS TO ASK YOUR DJ (If you don't want your Wedding to suck)

Venue? Check. Photographer? Check. Food? Check. DJ?

…Eh, it’s not that big of a deal, I’ll book that later…

We see this all the time, whereas all the other listed services are VERY important to have for your wedding, so many brides don’t think that having a DJ is that crucial, and therefore deserving of the research and money that they gave to the other vendors to make sure their wedding is perfect.

Here’s some food for thought: if you spend the money on reputable and talented photographers, delicious food, or a stunning venue, but your guests leave right after dinner because they’re not entertained, is it even worth the money?

Cool DJ

I know, you’re thinking A DJ is just a DJ, right? I can get the same thing for a $300 DJ as I can for a $1000 DJ.

Ahem. WRONG!!!

DJs come in varying shapes and sizes and levels of talent and professionalism. From a Club DJ who plays what he wants, comes dressed in jeans, and has a bar tab, to the Hobbyist/Part-Time wedding DJ, who is professional and talented, but does not do this full time and might not be able to devote the time and energy to curate timelines, get to know you and your big day, and customize your experience. Then you have the Full-Time Professional DJs, where the team at Scenic Event Solutions comes in, some with multiple trained DJs on their team, fine-tuned to the Nuances of Wedding Entertainment, who have thought of everything!

We sat down with our team of DJs, and created a list of the 5 QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD ASK YOUR DJ TO ENSURE YOUR WEDDING IS AMAZING!

1.) Besides playing music, what do they offer as a DJ?

◦ Do they coordinate? (answer should be yes)

◦ Do they communicate with other vendors prior and during?

◦ Do they focus on the behind the scenes details such as 1.5 minute mixes for formals, or personalizing grand entrance scripts to your wedding party?

◦ Do they run party games, lead dances, find fun and integrative ways to engage your guests?

2.)What does their planning process look like?

◦ Do they provide suggestions/charts for you to choose your first dance,

cake cutting, etc?

◦ Do they work with you to create a custom soundtrack to your wedding, or do you have a set list of music to choose from, unable to stray from it?

Do they provide you with adequate planning material to personalize your big day?

◦ Do they conduct a venue walk-through or require floor plans?

◦ Do they conduct at least one planning meeting prior to the big day?

◦ Do they discuss a rain plan with you?

giphy (2).gif

3.) Do they have a contingency plan?

◦ What happens if they are sick, injured, or (God Forbid) they die? It is, after all, your big day and our personal lives should not affect that.

◦ What if a piece of equipment malfunctions? Do they have backups?

◦ Do they have access to a battery pack or silent generator just in case the ceremony site does not have access to power?

4.) How many weddings do they work annually?

▪ Number of quality events is more important than number of years in the industry.

▪ Do they have relationships with other reputable vendors?

▪ Can they provide references?

5.) How much do they focus on the presentation of their services?

giphy (1).gif

• Do they show up in appropriate attire?

• Do they take the time to make sure that their setup matches your event and isn't an eyesore? (example: are there cables and wires everywhere and speakers on the floor?)

• Do they sit hunched over in a chair during the entirety of the event, or stand, ready to dance with you?

• Remember, every detail is important, and a true professional is going to give attention to even the tiniest of details.

We Hope this Helps! Every Wedding is different, and we understand that not everyone can afford the Big Dogs. Having questions like this on hand will ensure that your Entertainment and overall Flow and Mood for your Special Day will be in the hands of someone who cares and will ensure your Wedding is a Smashing Hit that everyone will remember!