The #1 Secret to Saving THOUSANDS on your Wedding!! (That vendors will Happily Share!)

Do you want a dream wedding, but your wallet is holding you back?


I am about to bestow upon you a secret that will blow your mind with only 3 words:


What does that mean? Okay, so you know how once it gets really pretty outside during the Spring and Fall Seasons, it seems like there is a wedding going on every weekend? Spring and Fall are Peak Dates, which means EVERYONE wants to get married in that timeframe. The weather is mild, pictures are stunning, it’s just a dream. But since the demand is high, most vendors and venues charge their premium rates for service, because everyone is wanting to book them, and they get booked up at least a year in advance (we’ve got some now who are booking 2 years in advance!!) so those dates get full fast, and some last-minute brides might find themselves scrambling a month away to find a decent DJ or Videographer or whatever. Booking in the Off-Season for weddings is a sure-fire way to secure a Premium Venue or almost any Vendor for a fraction of what they charge in the Season.

When is the Off-Season for Weddings?

For the Spring Wedding Season, things start to slow down once June hits, and Off-Season in July and into August, when it’s much warmer. For the Fall Wedding Season, things start winding down in November, and then from December to around early March is the Off-Season.

Why will I get a Discount?

A lot of venues and vendors will experience the slow seasons differently. Some, if they work an outside job throughout the week, will welcome a break in the slow months. Others, if their business is their bread and butter, will want to keep bringing in events and weddings to work. So, since the demand for venues and vendors is much lower in the Off- Season than Peak Season, they will offer killer discounts in order to fill up those dates. To a lot of people working in the wedding industry, a Discounted Wedding is better than No Wedding.

What if I just absolutely HAVE to have my wedding when the leaves are beautiful or the trees are in full bloom?? Can I still save money?

YES! It’s a weird concept, but there are still Non Peak Dates EVEN DURING PEAK SEASON! These magical times fall during the week, and planning your wedding on a Tuesday or a Thursday will, for the most part, provide you with the same savings! It is the same principle as having your wedding in the Off-Season: the demand is much lower during the week, and a lot of venues and vendors want to keep themselves and their team booked and bringing in some money! Some might say having a weekday wedding will prevent a lot of guests from coming to your wedding, but we have found that to not necessarily be the case in our experience; if your family and friends are going to plan on being there, if you give them enough notice to plan, then they will certainly not miss your big day!

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We hope this helps, when you are planning your wedding, ask around! You’re bound to find savings!