5 Alternative Wedding Cakes

"Let them eat ______!" 


You'd typically finish the sentence with "cake" (even though Marie Antoinette actually never said the quote)  and cakes can be a big deal. And expensive, to boot. All for something that won't be entirely eaten; in all the weddings we've worked, there is always leftover cake. And I have a confession to make:

I don't really like cake.  

Yeah, I know, it's weird, but unless it's ice cream cake, I rarely eat cake.  

We opted for cupcakes for our own wedding so that we could get more flavors and there be more portability than regular cake, and they were delicious, but I only ate like one or two cupcakes the whole wedding, and we gave the leftovers out at the after-party. While browsing Pinterest and stumbling across an "Alternative Cake" pin, I decided to scour the web and find true alternatives to a Wedding Cake that aren't cupcakes, that can fit your budget, and that I wish I could have had instead of regular cake!

1. Pie Cake


I can get down on some pie.  There are so many flavors, and you can combine them for the tiers. I think that for a Rustic Country Wedding some beautiful pies like this would suit the theme best, especially if they are family recipes; it adds a sweet sentiment.

2. Cheesecake


Creamy, dreamy cheesecake is something that I can eat any time.  The one instance where all the cake was eaten at a wedding we worked, and it was cheesecake. Logan and I had a piece, and damn it was good.

3. Cheese-Cake


See what I did there?

When I came across this, I was actually kind of upset that I didn't see this while planning the wedding. We and our family are a bunch of cheese-addicts, and a cake like this, with fruit and nuts arranged so nicely, would have been a hit!

4. Pizza Cake


Okay, we're delving into the weird side of weddings, but if you and your fiance's love for pizza is as strong as your love for each other, or a bunch of teenagers are expected to be in attendance, this could work. I love pizza and probably won't object to having this as a birthday cake, or an after-wedding-party cake to pair well with beer, just maybe not as my actual wedding cake.

5. Churro Cake


What a tasty treat, and everyone gets a piece! This might not work as a full wedding cake unless you stacked them high enough, but I still think this could still be a sweet addition to your food table!


Im thinking about creating a video series where I attempt to DIY these cake alternatives, for those who are thinking about DIY-ing it. Let me know what you would want to see in the comments! 


Happy Planning!