We Love What We Do!

Introducing the proud founders, Logan and DeAnna Franklin. Scenic Event Solutions is a family-owned and operated Event Production Company, where a vast array of Top-Notch services are provided to make your big event, whether its your wedding, or a high school reunion, or a school dance, a time to remember! Scenic Event Solutions didn't start out as an Event Production Company, the beginnings are much more humble:

Before they met, Logan had received a degree in Audio Engineering from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Nashville, Tennessee, and was working as a freelance Sound Engineer for multiple bands and venues in Chattanooga, including community projects like 423PK, providing media for local bands. DeAnna was gaining film experience from Lee University's Telecommunications program, and working as a freelance makeup artist for photographers.

After they started dating, Logan and DeAnna both worked on the production team for Crew One, readying the stage for big names like Garth Brooks and One Direction. It was shortly after their time with Crew One that Logan and DeAnna decided to use their skills and start Scenic Sound Solutions, and provided audio for bands. After a while, they started getting booked to be DJ's for weddings, and they fell in love with the Wedding and Special Events Market, the love and fun and connections that are a part of these events made it worth the hard work! They soon started booking more and more weddings, and even reunions and proms! After a few months of just providing music for events, they branched out and added lights, then a photobooth!

Part of the reason that the Franklins love weddings so much is that they got engaged shortly after starting Scenic Sound Solutions. Logan and DeAnna quickly realized just how much effort and planning were involved in weddings, especially when it comes to budget. They grew to love and appreciate all that their clients do, and want to be a part of their big day.

It didn't take long before Logan and DeAnna started offering so many different event services, extending networks and growing an awesome team, that it didn't make sense to stay as Scenic Sound Solutions; they were more than just DJs, thus Scenic Event Solutions was born and includes all of the services they offer: now, and in the future!



"We began planning our own wedding in January 2016 and got married in October of that year, and were working weddings in that same time. We know exactly what our clients are going through while planning their own wedding, it is stressful! We understand that everyone wants their big day to be special, but they don’t always want to sacrifice quality service for their budget. We get that, and we love what we do, so you are Guaranteed that we give your big day the same quality and attention to detail that we had for our own wedding."

-DeAnna Franklin